Competition terms and participation eligibility

  1. CONTEST PERIOD: Leo Bridge Winter ’15 Contest starts on 1/11/15, 00.00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and expires on 31/01/16 at 23.59 GMT. Check GMT time here.
  2. CONTEST PRIZES: The player who achieves the highest masterpoint total in one of the 92 days the contest lasts, will be the winner of the Samsung Galaxy E SM-T560 9.6″ (or equivalent). In addition, three players who will gather the most master points within each month, will win a Leo T-shirt. (Beginning and ending of each day and each month are calculated based on Greenwich Mean Time.)
  3. In order to be eligible for the prize, you must not play more than 30% of the total number of boards played within a day, with the same partner.
  4. The prizes cannot be exchanged with money.
  5. Participation in the Contest is FREE.
  6. BOARD’S MASTER POINTS = (Board’s total points + 120) x 0,001.PLEASE NOTE: Relaxed tables (the ones denoted in the table list with a little coffee icon) DO NOT give master points and so will not help your chances to win! Please play on Competitive tables to gain master points and have a better chance to win our prizes.
  7. If a player is not eligible or not interested in the prize won, the prize will go to the next player in the competition ranking.
  8. Leo Bridge retains the right to remove a player from the rankings if it is judged that the player’s behavior is inappropriate towards the community.
  9. Admins are not eligible for prizes.
  10. The results will be published at the Leo Facebook Group. They are also available in Leo Bridge Ranking page throughout the period of the competition.
  11. We use an industry standard random number generator algorithm to generate our deals. There is no bias built in our system other that of pure luck. Although a streak of bad hands – or good hands for that matter – is probable, the laws of probability dictate that any variation will be normalised in the long run.