1. CONTEST PERIOD: Leo Bridge “My Country First” Contest starts every Tuesday, at 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and expires at 23:59:59 GMT, i.e 24 hours.
      – All players from all the countries are welcome to play
      – In order for a player’s participation to be valid, 50% of the games should not be played with the same partner.
    3. RANKING SYSTEM: Every Country receives the average MPs/player, plus 0.3 points for any player.
    4. COUNTRY: Leo will consider as your country, the country from which you will be playing the game during the Contest. The relevant flag is shown in your profile so that you and all players know which country you are playing for.
    5. CONTEST PRIZES: Leo’s Homepage will host for one week the flag of the winner Country and the names of the players that contributed to that victory.
    6. COINS: Each player can participate in the contest with 600 coins. (the daily 100 silver coins, plus a bonus of 500 silver, in total 600 coins).
    7. BOARD’S MASTER POINTS = (Board’s total points + 120) x 0,001.
    8. Leo Bridge retains the right to remove a player from the rankings if it is judged that the player’s behavior is inappropriate towards the community.
    9. Admins are not eligible for prizes and their score does not count in their country total.
    10. The results will be published every Wednesday by 12.00 noon GMT in Leo Facebook Group and in the game’s Home Page.
    11. We use an industry standard random number generator algorithm to generate our deals. There is no bias built in our system other that of pure luck. Although a streak of bad hands – or good hands for that matter – is probable, the laws of probability dictate that any variation will be normalized in the long run.