We would like to remind to all players once again the “Honor your partner” statement, of Leo Bridge.

  • Consider your partner as a friend.
  • Treat your partner with respect, especially if you play with him for the first time. Be polite not only to him, but to your opponents too.
  • Be tolerant to his/her mistakes. Remember, he/she is not your regular partner so mistakes will happen.
  • Avoid discussing previous mistakes during the next deal. This will make your partner lose focus.
  • Always be encouraging – a “bravo” or a “well done partner” will boost your partner’s morale.
  • Do not make rude comments either to your partner or to your opponents. Question marks or other exclamation marks are inappropriate.
  • Never write in CAPITAL letters. It’s like shouting.
  • Always communicate with your partner and opponents in English, the official language of Leo.
  • Avoid leaving game tables without notice. If you need to go, press the leaving soon button after one or two hands.
  • Update your bridge profile: let your partner and other players know which system you are playing and which conventions, if any. That way you will enjoy playing with new partners.
  • Accepting “Undo” requests is a courtesy to your opponent.
  • Protect yourself by looking into the Facebook account of your partner. If you see something strange (i.e. if it is a dummy account) you may want to avoid playing with him. People who hide their true identity are most likely troublesome. Besides, this was the main reason why Leo was developed on Facebook: to be able to see each other, share common interests, reveal new friendships.
  • And most important of all: Remember that your partner and your opponents want to have a good time, escape from the troubles of the everyday routine, by playing a couple of hands. It’s up to you to help them do so.


However, if your partner’s or opponents’ behavior is abusive, you can report it to, mentioning the following info:

  1. Your Name
  2. Name of the person you want to report
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Table number
  6. Description of abusive behavior

Provided that the report includes all of the above info, it will be processed within 48 hours. Players proven swearing at or insulting other players, will be banned from the game, without any further notice, for at least one week. In case of a second incident, the ban will be permanent.

We hope that we will not have to ban anyone, and that we will all take care to maintain the friendly spirit in Leo and keep enjoying playing the game we all love.