Want to check who won yesterday or who is the UK champion in Leo Bridge? It’s easy!

Many players ask us how they can check the daily results or the general ranking in Leo, without having to wait when they get published to the Team. Well, it’s easy and with a lot more capabilities then just checking daily results or general ranking.
Select “Rankings” from the left side menu. What you get immediately is the General Ranking of all players from day one, until today.


On the top of the page there is the drop down menu “Filter rankings” which allows you to filter the rankings by Year, Month, Day and Country.


By applying any of these filters you can check whatever you like. For example, if you choose the filter “By month” and then you choose the month you are interested in, you can see the rankings for this specific month. Same applies if you select By Year, By Day or by Country. Moreover, you can check the ranking of your Leo friends only!

So, apart from the daily and monthly results that are published in Leo Bridge Team, you can always check them by selecting “Rankings” from the left side menu.

Want to go back to the game? Close the Ranking window from the little X on the top right corner and you are back in Leo Home Page!