Want to play without kibitzers or fully control who you are playing with? Open a private table!

Leo Bridge is a bridge platform which is focusing a lot on the social side of bridge game and most players love it exactly for this reason!

However, there are sometimes that you might want to be in a more “private” environment. Either you prefer to play without kibitzers that can sometimes distract the game (apart from the fun they create 😉 )! Or you might want to play only with your friends, without being anxious that someone else will take the place in the table you have just created.

For these cases, you can create a private table, which is actually invisible in the Lobby, so you control who you invite to play and no kibitzers are allowed.


Make sure that you have already “talked” to your friends and they are all online waiting for your invitation, otherwise you will end-up alone, as no one can see a private table…!