Someone left in the middle of the game? Not a problem any more!

Recently, we have applied a new feature in Leo Bridge: the Board Solver. Based on one of the best and quickest algorithms in the market, developed by Piotr Beling, Board Solver automatically solves (plays) the board. Moreover, after the board is solved, the final score is counted to the payers that have initially started playing the board.


So, no more worries when you have bided a slam and the opps left… Board Solver will automatically solve the board, in the best possible way, and you and your partner will get your masterpoints! A little piece of advice: Don’t leave in the middle of a game. Play the board ‘till the end and do your best to defeat your opps. Otherwise, Bridge Solver may solve (play) the board much better than the declarer!

Interested in the actual algorithm? Click here