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Data Deletion Instructions

Data Deletion InstructionsAccording to the Facebook Platform rules, we have to provide Data Deletion Instructions. If you want to delete your activities for Leonardo Bridge, you can remove them following the instructions below:1. Go to your Facebook account’s “Settings & Privacy.”2. Select “Settings“.3. Then, from the Settings menu select “Apps and Websites”4. Locate “Leonardo Bridge”…

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Leo, version 2

QUEUE TO PLAY & PRACTICE Those are the two new features that are introduced in this new version of Leo. Queue to Play is the new way for opening tables and play live bridge with other players. Practice is a brand new feature that allows you to do some practice in bridge and improve your…

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Honour your partner

Consider your partner a friend. Treat your partner with respect, especially if you play with him for the first time. Be polite not only to him, but to your opponents too. Be tolerant to his/her mistakes. Remember, he/she is not your regular partner so mistakes will happen. Avoid discussing previous mistakes during the next deal. This will…

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