About Leo

Play with friends

Play with people you already play in real life - invite your friends using Facebook

Find new friends

Find new friends that share your interests in a vibrant and friendly Bridge community

Find help and support

We are not just a faceless company - the Leo team is always available for questions and suggestions

Desktop Play

Play on your computer without an installation or additional software

Mobile Play

Leo Bridge is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Play for Free and Win

Play for free, participate in our Contests and win amazing gifts!

Intuitive design

Leo Bridge is designed to present the player with a clean and faithful reproduction of an actual table. The deck, the bidding boxes, the won and lost trick positioning are designed so that they are immediately recognizable, allowing to player to completely focus on the game.

Profile creation

Leo Bridge allows players to create their bridge profile, thus informing their partners of which system they are playing, which conventions, bridge level, etc.

Fixed pair or Individual play game tables

Players may choose to play with a specific partner or on a table where they are measured against everyone, as players rotate after each board. This game mode is unique to Leo Bridge and unavailable to all other established Online Bridge Games. It emulates in the closest possible way a bridge night at a friend's house.

Masterpoints & Ranking

Masterpoints are calculated per board in the following way: BOARD’S MASTER POINTS = (Board’s total points + 120) x 0,001. The masterpoints gathered by each player are presented in the Rankings area and can be displayed by Year, by Month, by Day or by Country.

Results Button

You can check the results of the boards played in a table, see the cards each player was holding and watch a video of how each board was played.

Invite Players to your table

An Invite button, allows you to invite players that are already in the game, enabling the quick set up of a table.

Kibitz Button

Want to watch other players playing in a specific table? Click the Kibitz button found next to each table.

'Leaving soon' button

Players can let other players know that they will leave after the end of a board with a mouse click, smoothing playing out for everyone involved.

'Please wait' button

Players can easily notify other players that they need more time to make a decision.

Kick voting

Table hosts can initiate a vote to kick a player from a table, ensuring that everyone is on board and avoiding uncomfortable situations.


Misclicks? Network latency? Leo allows you to request an undo, triggering a vote amongst players.